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Whenever I find the time I try to compensate some shortcomings of PMMail/2 (still the best mailprogram available for OS/2, but not supported by the manufacturer anymore) using some REXX scripts to help this program to survive. As far as I can see the source of it will not find its way out to the Open Source community - therefore the only way for further use is to build extensions around it...


What's new:

21.12.2005 - Great news: VOICE is considering sponsoring an updated and supported version of PMMail/2!!! There's a poll at the VOICE page. Please participate - maybe our beloved program gets a second chance!
There are quite a lot of votes already, so it could be that my script won't be necessary anymore in the future...

20.12.2005 - Finally this homepage is available in Englisch too (at least parts of it - I hope to finish the rest too in the near future!) I took the opportunity to update the page-layout a bit as well.
But as regards content there's something new too:
The incoming-script has a new name: "PMMIncoming" - and is available in version 2.02. I have applied extensive changes to the script - actually the whole header-check part has been rewritten and is for example now capable of checking multi-line header entries. Moreover UTF-8 encoded header entries are converted now too.
Find more here: PMMIncoming.
Regarding the Mozilla integration there are news too: Since new versions of Mozilla use a different way of invoking external mailprograms, the script needed some modifications for PMMail/2 to correctly take over the information.
Read more here: PMMMozilla.
Besides all that of course I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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