Tips and tricks regarding PMMail/2 - the best mailprogram for OS/2:


I provide the following scripts free of charge and I don't take any responsibillity for damages or problems whatsoever caused by using these scripts. You are using these scripts at your own risk.

Nevertheless it would be nice to at least get a mail if someone is using one of these scripts.

I have tested the scripts myself for quite some time and I am confident they do what they are supposed to. But of course I am open for any comment regarding improvements and possible bugs.

Every change in a mail made by a script of mine will be documented by an additional X-entry in the header. This way it should be possible to track a problem that might be caused by the manipulation made by the script. Besides that every change is accompanied by a system beep.

When I describe the functions of the scripts and their installation I assume they are located in the subdirectory PMMail/REXX/. My scripts were tested only with the last available version 2.20.2382 of PMMail/2.



Some settings in PMMail/2 are a bit tricky. For the worst cases I plan to put some instructions here.


PMMail/2 alone is already a great program. Better still it gets when it's possible to integrate it with other programs.


This page was last modified on 20.12.2005