Check and correct Encoding and Timestamps of incoming Mails

Download Version 2.02 (Source in CP850 - therefore use "save as".)

Download Version 2.02 (ZIP)

This script helps solving problems with mails that do not comply with standards or which use "newer" encodings and which can therefore not be handled/displayed correctly by PMMail/2.
It began with just a few non-standard mails a couple of years ago, but now almost every second mail I get is already "mutated" and does not give a damn about standards or uses encodings that PMMail/2 is not able to handle - like UTF-8.
Most problems I have when it comes to encodings occour with German Umlauts or Ligatures. Therefore this script addresses German users of PMMail/2 in the first place. But since it corrects quite a few other problems as well it can be used by every PMMail/2 user that is left on earth...

The following main problems are being addressed by this script: