Integrating PMMail/2 with Mozilla or Firefox

With the help of Oliver Poggensee it is possible to integrate PMMail/2 with Mozilla. That means by clicking a mailto-Link PMMail/2 gets launched automatically.

Download Version 1.10 (Directly from Olivers page incl. the necessary REXX-libraries.)

Since newer versions of Mozilla (and Firefox) use a different way of invoking external mailprograms, the actual script needed some modifications. I added the necessary modications and changed the name of the script to PMMMozilla.cmd to prevent any misunderstandings:

Download Version 2.0 (Source in CP850 - please use "save as".)

Download Version 2.0 (ZIP)

To install the integration tool please unpack REXXWeb.dll and REXXUni.dll from Oliver's package and place them somewhere practical. Save to the same place the amended version of the actual script PMMMozilla.cmd. (I would suggest to use the PMMail/2 directory or a subdirectory of it.)
Lines 33, 36 and 39 in PMMMozilla.cmd contain the Name of the Standard-Account, that is used when invoked from Mozilla and the path to PMMail/2-EXE and to the two REXX DLLs. Please adapt these lines to your needs.
Last but not least to use this script you have to change the prefs.js file (which is located in your Mozille profile directory). The browser needs to be closed when you appy the changes. Please add/change the following three lines in prefs.js (change the path in the first line to your needs):

user_pref("applications.mailto", "I:\\PMMail\\Mozilla\\pmmmozilla.cmd");
user_pref("applications.mailto.parameters", "\""); (changed -> was "\"url%\"")
user_pref("network.protocol-handler.external.mailto", true);

Attention! If you want to set up the first two parameters via "about:config" directly from Mozilla, you have to enter the path without doube backslashes and you have to us just one single quotation mark in the second line!

Oliver just guaratees for his script to be functional for PMMail/2-Versions 2.20.2370, 2.20.2381 and 2.20.2382. More information about Oliver's integration tool can be obtained from his Hompage and from the file info.txt, which is also part of his package.

This page was last modified on 18.04.2006